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Join Our First Ever Photo Contest This Month!

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

DIY Boba Tea Lounge Bradenton Will Hold a Photo Selfie Contest this October

Date: October 16-31 th

Top 3 Winners: Winner Will Be Announced!

We just wanted you to know that we truly enjoy serving you and feel honored to be your chosen Boba Tea Place. Your business is much appreciated, and we will do our very best to continue to meet your Boba Tea needs. So, let's have fun and make this place the best Boba Tea lounge in town!

How to Win!

Winners with the most "Liked, Loved" will take home a top spot. There are 3 spots for 1st Winners and second and third place winners. Each has different prizes!

Where to Post or Tag?

Please post your selfies to your Facebook or Instagram social media sites. And either tag us or check-in to DIY Bobatea Bradenton. Be sure to set your facebook to public so everyone can see.

Instagram: DIY bobatea

Facebook: DIY Boba Tea

Winner Tips!

Get the most likes/loves on your picture!!

  • Tell friends

  • Share to friends

  • Repeat

  • Take good selfies

Winner Will Be Announced!

Top 3 Winners will be announced on 1st of October by our staff team.

First Winner Prizes

  • Boba Tea Doll

  • Boba Tea

  • Bubble Waffle Dessert

2nd and 3rd Winner Prize

  • 2nd Winner Boba Tea Doll and the 3rd winner receives the 3rd Winner Boba Tea Doll.


For any questions, please contact our staff: Contact

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